Purpose !

on December 14, 2015 Uncategorized with 0 comments

A 365 days trip starts on the right foot. Your mindset when you get up on Day 1 is up to you.

Lao Tseu apparently said that a thousand miles trip starts with a single step. While this is often used as an invitation to promptly start if you want to reach you destination, there is a clear qualitative dimension to add to this.

You want to start any project, be it a conversation, a dinner or a romantic encounter with a purpose in mind. That purpose will infuse all actions with a sense of mission. That will in turn guide all decisions and actions.

So decide what you want to get out of the next hour, day or week. Life will be easier, more enjoyable, more rewarding, and more fun. Less stressful too.


I am going into a job interview” I decide precisely what I want to get out of it and that will guide my actions and reactions in the meeting. For the rest of the meeting you can be your best self.


I want to improve the relationship with my life partner” I decide to take responsibility and work on it, thinking carefully about what actions he / she will be responsive to and I act. If necessary I work on it with someone (Coach, counselor, etc)


“I want to live in a better  place…”. I do not have to tell you the rest.