Christian Worth

I am a citizen of the world with French origins.

I bring to my coaching and my lectures a mix of a rare experience and powerful communication skills.

I offer support to improve your life in three languages.


Citizen of the World.

I was born in the world of Haute Couture but it is humanity and its communication challenges that fascinate me.

My work life has spread over many countries and been inspired by many cultures.
 France, Mexico, Italy, Canada, Japan, Germany, Japan again, Hong Kong, UK , Spain and now on the edge of France, in the Pays Basque.

Sporty and fun

A world of experience.

With each international transfer my family and I have had to adjust to new environments, new rules, new relationships.
If we were not to drown in nostalgia and despair, we had to reconstruct our environment. 
We had to act, build and shape our future.

We understood that you cannot “sail a ship by looking at its wake”.

We had to learn to trust the future and enjoy the present.

So we learnt from each move and each new environment.

We learnt that there is more than one good way to do many things, even if certain people or groups believe that there is only one way.

We experienced the value of tolerance and the dynamic and positive side of delegation.

We saw that there is more than one way to live a happy life but that it all starts with accepting what is and taking it from there.

We learnt many tricks to live with less stress.

We discovered that in this exploration and discovery our worse enemy is our ego, and that it does not hurt to to be helped because there is so much knowledge and goodwill ‘out there’ that we would be fools to lock ourselves in our own limited space and knowledge.

I understood that success is based on teamwork.

1997 : Discovering Coaching.

After 29 years in Advertising, promoting and selling branded products and services it appeared that there was another way to use my communication and interpersonal skills.

I had been coaching colleagues and clients for many years.

I trained with CoachU, gained an ACC and PCC accreditation from the International Coach Federation, served on the Board of the UK-ICF as Director of Communications, created OlaCoach in Spain, together with Jose Luis Menéndez, and I am now a Mentor Coach and Senior Coach trainer at various coach training schools.


Wise and Creative

Personal / Business Coaching.

I am a Life and Business Coach because business decisions cannot be dissociated from the life dimension of the decision makers. 
My long international and multicultural experience in Advertising Multinational groups (Y&R, JWT, GREY) makes me particularly suited to coaching executives in the Communication, Advertising and Marketing areas.

My coaching clients are in UK, France, The Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Colombia, Ecuador, USA and Hong Kong and I offer coach people anywhere by telephone or VoIP.

Current challenges.

I am always interested in a new challenge. That led me into a battery of current parallel activities :

  • Assessor for ICF ( International Coach Federation) credentialling programs – In English, Spanish and French.
  • Development and training for various programs with MusikaNaiz of San Sebastian
  • Trainer for Performance Impact (USA) delivering training to managers of multinational companies in Europe
  • Coach for Executive Coaching Connections (USA).

Warm and life-loving

Personal details.

Married to Marie, who has been an invaluable companion since 1967.

Children and grand-children in Paris, Amsterdam and Vancouver.

My hobbies range from preparing a conference on the incredible life of my great-great-grand father, Charles Frederick WORTH, the “Father of Haute-Couture” to writing, watercolor painting, photography, snowshoeing, hiking and monitoring what is new.