Personal Coaching

Working with one´s coach.

There are many reasons for working one-on-one with a coach :

  • To get out more easily of a difficult moment, such as a career transition, a creative block or difficulties at work,
  • To help manage time and organisation in order to gain personal efficiencies,
  • To overcome fears or undermining beliefs which spoil the enjoyment of daily life,
  • To better balance work and family life,
  • To help redirect one’s life towards a more rewarding activity or position,
  • For objective support in difficult moments when preparing an exam,
  • For people returning to the work force after some time out,

Which challenge will you address ?

Whatever be your goal you can be sure to move faster towards that goal with a good professional coach. You will enjoy the unconditional support of your own personal Coach.

A good coach is:

  • Better than a friend because the coach works along you for what YOU want
    • On sensitive or key issues, a friend may hesitate to ask you to face-up to the matter at hand… or that friend may be influenced by his/her own judgement of your situation.


  • An objective observer who will support or challenge you when required.
    • All clients agree that they accomplish more when working with a demanding coach like me.


  • A professional in the art of listening and asking questions.
    • Good coaches have received specialised and supervised professional training.


  • A safe person to share plans and secrets with.
    • A good coach is bound by a written confidentiality agreement.


  • Someone who knows how to recognize and acknowledge your qualities and your achievements.
    • We all are our worst enemy when it comes to evaluating how we perform.


  • Someone who will demand action and progress from you.
    • Sympathy and empathy are OK, but generally, it is action that generates progress.
    • The regular sessions help you stay on top of your plans, clear about your challenges and active in your development.

A credentialed Coach is best.

Coaching is a profession on its own and the better coaches are formed by recognised training schools.

True professionals have a credential from an independent professional organisation. Currently the main independent body is the International Coaching Federation (ICF)


My credentials:

Trained by CoachU in an accredited Coach Training Program.

PCC (Professional Credentialed Coach) credential from the ICF.

ICF member since 1998. 3 years a Board Member of UK-ICF.

Assessor for the ICF credentialing programme.

Senior Coach Trainer at the Instituto Internacional OlaCoach, first school to have courses in Spanish recognised by the ICF (

60+ years of active and varied life in 7 countries

Author of:

  • Three books in Spanish about Coaching and self-development
    • “Abre el Melón”– With J.L Menëndez
    • “Para Mi…ésto!” – with Pilar Fariña Rodriguez
    • “Menos Estrés, Mas Éxito!” – published in Spain and Colombia
  • One book in English

International speaker on Coaching and Stress Management

Satisfied clients from all walks of life, from students to young adults and senior people. See their testimonials

…Excellent value for money, as I work on the telephone and have low overheads.

Give me a call on +33 559 54 49 12 or e-mail me for a free introductory session and practical details.

Still undecided?

Clarify where you are: use any of the following three FREE evaluations:

  • Quality of Life Health Check / Life Balance Evaluation
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  • 101 things to do with a Coach / Coaching priorities
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  • Wheel of Life.
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