” Less Stress More Success” 
  –  Seminars and Conferences: 

Seminars:       ” Less Stress, More Success ! ”
Conferences: “The Hara Connection ” & ” Manifesting the Invisible Impact of Positive Mental Attitude”.

The seminars are available in full day or half-day sessions.
1 hour conferences are also available.


Motivation and Team Building.

  • Bring to your teams the stimulating experience of the “Less Stress, More Success”© 
Each individual will benefit from attending.
  • The team will perform better and everyone will be grateful to have been invited to attend. 
 Work is demanding, even taxing everyone´s own life. 
The seminars and lectures are a way for the employer to give back to the staff.
  • Packed with practical tips for a smoother daily life, enhanced interactions and a better balance , the seminars are participative and fun.

Enhanced cooperation and interpersonal relationships.

The relationships segment of the seminar calls the participants attention on the benefit of positive attitudes and demonstrates the hidden effects of negative thinking and passivity.

Personal gratitude towards the employer.

Team members easily detect the seminar’s positive effects on their life and work experience. It builds a higher level of relationship with the sponsor of the event.


Depending on the duration (full day / half-day / One hour lectures) the seminar will cover:

  • Self-awareness : Renewing with our most important tool and learning to use it better
  • Energy management : Understanding the energy flow between individuals and learning how to manage them.
  • Mind management: A few simple facts and rules to “turbo charge” our abilities and performance.
  • Body management : Simple things that you need to discover and practice to manage your body better and get the most out of it without straining its reserves.
  • Interaction guidelines: If you do not live and work in an ivory tower, these tips will make a serious difference.
  • Managing your environment : How to get rid of what is slowing you down and foster an atmosphere of progress and vitality.
  • Relationship boosters: Seduction vs. Attraction – The tips that make relationships richer, both in professional and personal life

From a large body of personal experiences in professional and personal life during 30 years as an expatriate executive, including 15 years in the Far-East, I have drawn a rare collection of ideas and practices to make daily life much more enjoyable.


From France to Japan and from Italy to Quebec, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia and India come these tips that the seminars and lectures offer to people who did not have the luck to be exposed to such a wide range of experiences.

Performance at work and a better life balance are at the forefront of everyone’s desires.

I can tailor the presentation to your needs.

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