Coaching for executives

Do you recognise yourself in any of these thoughts?

” It is lonely at the top …”
” Where does time fly to?…
” Nobody understands me, not even at home!…
” Delegating? I wish I could…!”
“I wish I had the time to plan!……and I have 1 more report and an expense account to write!
” Why should I have to argue? I am the boss?
” Who can help me at my level ?
” Whom can I trust to speak my mind to?

Executives find invaluable support in a coaching relationship.

Objectivity, combined with a mission to help identify the strengths as well as the areas to improve, make the Coach a precious partner in gaining clarity, planning more wisely and acting more efficiently.

My distance coaching is powerful, flexible and economical.

You will appreciate the flexibility of the telephone/VOIP sessions, for yourself or for your team. 
You will save time and money.

Use a coach as and when you need to.

The more frequent examples are:

  • Evaluate a difficult situation from an objective point of view.
  • Help getting a new project off the ground.
  • Find an objective person to discuss your ideas with.
  • Boost staff performance and enhance managers’ skills.
  • Clarify priorities and promote achievement.
  • Energize teams.
  • Motivate and improve internal communications.
  • Help staff to adjust to evolution and transitions.

Use a qualified, professional Coach.

Coaching is a profession on its own and the better coaches are formed by recognised training school.

  • True professionals have a credential from an independent professional organisation. Currently the main independent body is the International Coaching Federation( ICF)

    My credentials:

    • Trained by CoachU in the Coach Training Programme
    • PCC – Professional Credentialled Coach – accreditation from the ICF
    • Assessor for the ICF credentialing programme
    • ICF member since 1998 – 3 years a Board Member of UK-ICF.
    • Mentor Coach
    • Affiliate at Executive Coaching Connections (USA)
    • Senior Coach Trainer at the Instituto Internacional OlaCoach (
    • Teleclass Leader at CoachCreativo
    • Program leader and trainer at CoachSI Escuela de Coaching
    • 31 years of executive life in multinational advertising agencies (Y&R, JWT,GREY) in 7 countries.
    • Author of
      • 3 books in Spanish about Coaching and self-development
        • Abre el Melon
        • Para Mi…Esto!
        • Menos Estres, Mas Exito
      • 1 book in English
      • International speaker on Coaching and Stress Management

    I am good value for money, as I work on the telephone and have low overheads.

    Give me a call on +33 682 78 75 42 or e-mail me for a FREE introductory session and discussion of practical details.