The support that makes a big difference.
Listening, asking, supporting, questioning,
brainstorming and a fantastic presence
to help getting things done
and boost your projects.

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Seminars and lectures that bring you
stress and success tips from France, Japan,
Italy, Quebec, Hong Kong, China, and India.
For anyone stressed…
a few magic recipes to enjoy work and life.

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Wisdom and experience to draw from.
On developing a clientele, marketing one’s services,

“You can’t lift a pebble with only one finger “

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Every executive should know these ideas – and attend the workshop – to be a better leader and lead a richer life”Louis-Éric Vallée, President , SVYR, Montréal.


These simple ideas are essential for living  and working in the 21st century.Pedro de Zuazo Torre, Coach, Madrid.

Christian’s book is easy to read and can ease your hectic life style if you follow his good counselGary Burandt, Executive Director, ICOM


Wheel of life

A simple exercise to identify the areas in your life that you want to improve.

101 things to work on with a coach.

Which things would you focus on first. If you had a chance to work with a personal coach? Check it out!

Life health check form.

A simple way to identify areas where Coaching could improve one’s daily life.

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