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USING OUR MIND, The snowplough visualisation.

The damage of a stress attack on you is related to how you perceive that stress attack. Here is a way to be less affected by it. Visualisations are a powerful way to focus on something which helps us manage a situation. Here is one inspired by the famous James Bond way to ask for his martini: “Shaken, not stirred”.

This tip is not about avoiding the occurrence of a stress attack. Techniques for that purpose are explained in the book.

This is about surviving a stress attack and being immediately able to take action.

Think of a stress attack as a snow avalanche, triggered suddenly by unexpected events and coming down your way.

Imagine and visualize a transparent, reinforced glass snowplough that you can instantly snap in place in front of you.

Face the avalanche, breathe deeply and let it pass.

After the event you are shaken, not stirred and in far better shape to decide what to do next, with more success.

See many more tips in the book “Less Stress, More Success!”


You will never get another body. 
Do what you can to make it serve you well. Do not let anger or stress poison your body. Drink 8 glasses of clear water a day. Tea and coffee do not count in the quantity of water drunk.

See many more tips in the book “Less Stress, More Success!”.


Our senses feed us signals that provoke relaxation or stress depending on how we read these signals.

Surround yourself with uplifting views wherever you can. Home, work, transit, etc.

Declare war on clutter. Everywhere.

See many more tips in the book “Less Stress, More Success!”.


If you want to be surrounded by supportive people, you have to work on it!

Consider the emotional bank account of each of your relationships. Made significant deposits lately? Living on credit?

See many more tips in the book “Less Stress, More Success!”.



Wisdom that is not used is abused.


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