Let there be light !

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  1. Light! We should have just enough to allow us to live in a harmonious place. …Check and improve your lighting everywhere.


Light affect life. Most living creatures depend on light to survive, to grow, to prosper.

Insufficient lighting is tiring on the eyes and leads to eyesight deterioration and/or accidents. This is true in the workshop, in the office, anywhere.

Too bright lighting could also affect you adversely. Naked bulbs are harsh on the eye and the use of naked bulbs is often the result of cost saving attempts or more frequently laziness to find a better solution. Both are wrong and will affect your stress levels.

Be aware of the lighting of your environment. Take a thorough tour of where you live and where you work and make sure that you correct any lighting problem that you will encounter. Not only it will be better for your health on the long term but in subtle ways it will reduce your stress levels from now on.

So now is the time to make sure that your lighting is optimal for the festive year-end

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.